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What is is a marketing resource where venues can showcase their benefits of hosting parties to local and national party organizers.

How does work?

Organizers come to our site ready to book and use our search filters to narrow their choices to venues that best meet their needs.

How much does cost? is free for most users. For others, we charge a small monthly fee to showcase additional venue details.

How do I add my venue?

Click the “add venue” link and fill in the required fields. We'll take care of the rest.

How do I edit my venue profile?

You can change or update your profile, or add/delete photos by logging into your venue dashboard at anytime. Simply click the "venue login" link at the top-right of every page.

What sort of reports will I receive?

You receive reports for every click on your profile, including phone number requests and booking inquiries.

Do other venues have access to my party contacts?

No, all info related to your venue is only accessed by you (or your venue administrator).

Does charge a commission?

No, there are no commission charges, no discounted prices and no coupons.

What is the responsibility of in cancellations? is not liable in any part of the booking process. We only provide leads and booking inquiries to venues. Each venue will use their own discretion with regards to deposits or cancellation fees.

What if I lose an email request for a booking?

Booking inquiries are saved in your venue dashboard and can be accessed at any time.

Will I know if an organizer is getting multiple quotes?

No, all info shared between the organizer and each venue is kept private.

Can I remove my business from

Information pertaining to a business (including address and phone number) is a matter of public record and public domain. Such information is not protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright, trademark, or patent laws, or owned by an individual author or artist. Information of public record can be used by anyone without obtaining permission, and no one can ever "own" it. For these reasons, is not obligated to remove any such information found on this website. If you are a venue owner and wish to remove your venue listing from, we suggest you submit a change request and specify what optional information you want removed from your listing instead. However, please remember that it is a legal right for citizens to publish and search business information online. While is happy to limit or correct your business information, our policy is to not "delete" venues from the website.

What is Book a Party?

Book a party is a marketing resource where party organizers can easily find venues that have shown interest and experience in hosting functions.

How does Book a Party work?

Organizers come to our site ready to book and use our search filters to narrow their choices to venues that best meet their needs.

How much does Book a Party cost?

Book a party is free.

What are the benefits of using book a party?

Book a party gives you a vast amount of party venues at your fingertips easy to search, filter and compare. We have tailored our filters to get you the info needed without the need to phone venues.

Being able to get quick multiple quotes or book direct with the venues event coordinator creates fair competition and can result in extra benefits or perks for your function.

By joining our loyalty program we can track your bookings, which gets you points that be redeemed as gift certificates at out participating venues.

How much of my personal info is collected and what is done with it?

We collect your name, email, and phone number. All of your info is kept confidential. We do not resell your information to 3rd parties. We only forward info filled out to venues when using our info, quote or booking forms.

How do I create an account?

You can easily set up an account to track your favorite venues and keep track of your requests for info quotes and bookings as well as become part of our loyalty program. Just go to register and fill out the required fields.

How do I save my searches?

All searches can be saved by clicking add to favorites when viewing a profile.

How do I cancel a booking?

All cancellations are done directly with the venue.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, all of your personal information is secured by an industry-standard SSL secure website certificate which encrypts your personal information while in transit between your computer and our servers.

How accurate are the venue features?

We do our best to keep the venue features up to date. We advise consulting with the venue to make sure the features you require is still applicable.

Do I have to put a deposit on a party booking?

Some venues may require a deposit, but book a party does not get involved in that process. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Does book a party help with planning weddings?

No, we are not wedding planners, but we have info on venues that host weddings, which you can use in conjunction with a wedding planner.